Self Leveling Deco Finish Polishable


Pur-DecoFlow is a self-leveling underlayment that provides a flat, smooth, durable surface with minimum effort, installation time and cost. It is a single component, high strength, non-shrink, regulated setting underlayment using a polymer modified binder system to level and smooth floors. Pur-DecoFlow can be poured or pumped (no trowel required) in one single step to thicknesses from 3mm (1/8″) to 100mm (4″)* (Refer to “Product Application” section). Pur-DecoFlow will accept foot traffic within 3 to 4 hours and floor coverings 16 hours after application.


  • Economical and easy to use
  • Superior bond
  • Self-leveling, no trowel work required
  • Installable from 3mm (1/8″) to a 100mm (4″) thickness* (Refer to “Product Application” section)
  • Non-shrink and non-dusting
  • Ideal for pouring and pumping
  • Maintains workability for 25 to 35 minutes at 21ºC (70ºF)
  • No sanding or grinding required
  • Adhesive compatible
  • Not a gypsum based product
  • Rapid early strength gain

Where to use

  • Floors covered by carpeting, hardwood, tiles, VFT or polymer coatings
  • Showroom floors
  • Office and condo building floors
  • Shopping center floors
  • School and gymnasium floors
  • Hospitals and correctional institutions
  • Heated flooring

Technical Data

Working time25 to 35 minutes
Initial set time ASTM C19160 minutes
Final set time ASTM C19170 minutes
Foot traffic3 to 4 hours
Floor covering16 hours