Self Leveling Under Coat Cement


PUR-FLOW is a single component, high strength, non-shrink, self leveling mortar that provides a flat, smooth, durable wear surface. It can be used for decorative and industrial indoor flooring applications and can be incorporated with integral color, colored aggregates and unique surface treatments. PUR-FLOW uses a polymer modified binder system that when mixed only with water, poured or pumped onto the floor, will level and smooth concrete and other subfloors. PUR-FLOW provides a superior bond to the substrate when used in conjunction with PUR-FLOW, and can be applied from 6mm (1/4”) up to 50mm (2”) in a single operation and up to 125mm (5”) in depth, with proper aggregat extension and accepts foot traffic in 2-3 hours and floor treatments in 18 hours.


  • Low in place cost, easy to use
  • No troweling required, self leveling
  • Rapid early strength gain
  • Mixes with water only
  • Very fluid, ideal for pouring and pumping
  • Installable from5 mm (1/4”) to 125mm (5″) thick
  • Non-shrink and non dusting
  • Superior bond
  • Maintains workability for 25 minutes at 21ºC (70ºF)
  • Not a gypsum based product
  • No sanding or grinding
  • Floor Covering Adhesive compatible
  • Can be coated with Polyurethane or Epoxy within 18 hours

Where to use

  • Leveling rough uneven concrete floor surfaces
  • Leveling hardwood or plywood floors
  • Leveling existing ceramic tile, terrazzo and wood floors to provide a smooth even finish
  • Showroom floors, commercial shopping centre
  • Decorative store floors

Technical Data

SET TIME ASTM C191* @ 210 C - Initial45 minutes
SET TIME ASTM C191* @ 210 C - Final60 minutes
TENSILE STRENGTH ASTM C-19028 days, 4.0 MPa, 570 psi